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Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Eric Hufschmid

So much is happening right now... Charlie Sheen exposes 9-11 on CNN; a college student is murdered in a suspicious crime; Webster Tarpley is being held up as a 9-11 hero... 

Will Americans see through the deception, stop trembling in fear, quit pouting, and start doing something useful? We can make the world better as soon as we get more support, so please help us educate people!

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Eric Hufschmid, Mar 27, 2006   5.3 mb

Some issues discussed:

The bizarre case of Michael Zebuhr.

It is especially important to let college students know about this, and tell them there is nothing to fear. We can deal of this corruption whenever we get enough people to support us. It is their apathy that allows this sort of crime to continue.

Charlie Sheen exposes 9/11

Why would CNN select a Hollywood star with such a disgusting personal life to be that hero to expose 9/11?

Nobody can expose 9/11 on television unless the management approves it. Why would CNN management approve this?

Let people know — especially college students — that they can use to pass information around. Here is the site for Daryl Bradford Smith:

We can make this world a better place as soon as people stop feeling sorry for themselves. The hundreds of millions of American, Russian, and European citizens are not being controlled by a handful of Jews or other minorities.

Rather, the hundreds of millions of goyim are allowing themselves to be controlled. The difference is subtle, but very important.

If your friend invested his entire life savings into a snake oil franchise, would you say the snake oil salesman has control of your friend? Or would you say your friend was an idiot?

The "alternative" media is as deceptive and corrupt as the "mainstream" media.

Judge people, web sites, and reporters by the quality of their information. Are they really exposing the corruption completely?

Don't be fooled by people who tell you, "Well, has have some silly articles about UFOs, but he has some good information also." Or, "Some of Webster Tarpley's information is inaccurate, but he has some hard-hitting information, also."

If these people are such great investigators, why are they mixing nonsense with truth?

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