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Many people suffer from the Smith Shock Syndrome when they discover our site.

"Oh my God!
What is this site?"

Well, ladies and gentlemen, each of us was shocked the first time we encountered the information we provide.

Don't be shocked; be curious. Check out the information, and then discuss it with your friends. The audio files below provide an introduction to the issues on our site. 

The Israeli / Arab conflict has a signficant effect on American life, so the French Connection has a lot of information about this very important topic. There is nothing anti-Arab, un-patriotic, or Anti-Semitic in discussing this issue.

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When we tell people that Zionist Jews are creating anti-Semitism and were even working with the Nazis, we are insulted as "anti-Semites", but there are Orthodox Jewish Rabbis making these same accusations.

Let people hear it from the Rabbis first. Then they will be more willing to take this issue seriously. For example, show people this article by the Rabbis:

"The brutal Zionist role in the Holocaust":

Please listen to Ben Freedman's speech. This speech has helped thousands of people realize that these "conspiracy theories" about Zionists are based on fact; they are not racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American, or un-patriotic.

Sharon Stone has joined Charlie Sheen and others on CNN's Showbiz Tonight to expose 9-11. Please consider that this is just another deception to keep the criminal network in control of America:

Here is an update on the Sheen affair:

Spreading information is the most important thing you can do.

Pass this page and links to our other articles and interviews to your friends and relatives.

Why do so few people talk about Hufschmid's book or video? Consider this: