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General Dwight Eisenhower

A hero who saved us from Nazis?
Or a Mass Murdering Zionist?

26 Feb 2006
Updated 6 Feb 2007 with scanned article

“Trust me! 
I slaughtered Germans for you, the Goyim!”
Have you seen the evidence that Eisenhower deliberately murdered about 1 million German soldiers after Germany had been defeated in World War II?

The September 1989 issue of Saturday Night has an article and photos about the slaughter. Here are the scanned images (please look at them, and think about what it means):

• Cover of Saturday Night
• Page 31
• Page 32
• Page 33
• Page 34
• Page 35
• Page 36
• Page 37
• Page 38

For more information, look at this brief review of the book Other Losses by James Bacque, and take a good look at the photo on this site:

This site has an article about an American Prison Guard who witnessed the slaughter. And this site has still more information.

Did you hear about Dresden?

Have you heard about the bombing of Dresden, which virtually everybody agrees had absolutely no military value? It was merely to slaughter Germans citizens. Who did it? And why?

Somebody very high up in the military leadership — such as Eisenhower and Churchill — planned and authorized that bombing.

If you don't know about the Dresden bombing, take a quick look at it:

Why would Eisenhower slaughter so many Germans? By comparison, General Patton did not behave in this manner.

Incidentally, General Patton died after the war after a minor but mysterious car accident, while Eisenhower was soon elected to president. Were these events merely coincidental?

Who was Eisenhower working for?

Did you know that in Eisenhower's military school yearbook he was described as "the terrible Swedish-Jew"? You can find a good photo of it here:

There's nothing wrong with being terrible, or Swedish, or a Jew, but his senseless slaughter of goyim and his rise to the presidency suggests that he was actually a Crypto Zionist.

Some supporters of Eisenhower point out that he made a speech in which he made a vague remark about the "military industrial complex", but that doesn't prove he can be trusted. What is a military-industrial complex?

Many "truth seekers" also warn us about the New World Order, the Luciferian Controllers, the Globalists, and other vague entities, but that is not exposing the criminal network.

The only way to expose the criminal network is to list the names of the criminals, and explain how they get away with their crimes. Take a look at some of our articles, and compare what we say to the people who rant about the Globalists or the Luciferian Controllers. For example, read this:
The media is the enemy

And then compare that article to those from Henry Makow, Alex Jones, and other people who blame our problem on Globalists.

Texe Marrs talks about the Zionist influence in America in his DVD Illuminati Mystery Babylon

Texe Marrs makes lots of interesting claims, such as:

• President Truman took a 2 million dollar bribe in order to make Israel a nation.

• The president with the closest relationship with Zionists — and who was surrounded by them — was Clinton.

The audio for most important section of his DVD is here:
TexeMarrs_MysteryBabylon.mp3  5.8 megabytes. 
To download it, click your right button and select Save Target As

You can buy his DVD at his web site.

You can download the entire video at this site: