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Fallout In Your Genes

Jenny Lake

Fallout In Your Genes
article by Jennifer Lake


Dr. John Gofman, former Manhatten Project scientist, stated in his oral history at that radiation is a proven cause of breast cancer. The U.S. Army, incidentally, is the world's number one researcher of breast cancer and along with the rest of the Armed Forces, the number one perpetrator of nuclear pollution. The U.S. public, as a whole, has been exposed to more radioactive fallout than any population group on the planet, estimated to be the equivalent of 40,000 Hiroshima bombs.[1] The Atomic Energy Commission charter which transformed the war-time Manhatten Project into the post-war AEC, mandated the study of health effects from radiation, throwing wide the doors to human experimentation. The secret "Wilson memorandom" of 1953 was taken as tacit permission to perpertrate on anyone the twisted schemes of the Cold War.

The public face of the government's radiation/health effects response was to go to Japan and create the "Lifespan Study" from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki A-bomb survivors, though no useful data recording system was put into place until 1955, tens years after the bombs and long enough down the road to ensure the most vulnerable victims had died. As for American vets and citizens subjected to fallout, they're still debating today how to reconstruct the dose estimates of exposures that occurred 50 years ago and more. Ironically, Dr.Gofman always supported the building and testing of nuclear weapons though his work helped to prove that there is no such thing as a "safe" amount of radioactivity. In 1972 a Canadian nuclear scientist discovered the "non-linear dose response", or the "Petkau effect" named for him, which showed that low levels of radiation where capable of causing disease to an even greater extent than higher levels. For a while in the 70s, enough Americans and Europeans rallied in a No Nukes movement to help get the message out, creating interference for the nuclear power plant industry, but ultimately insufficient to counter the forces of time and propaganda. Among disorders caused by radiation, count memory loss. Seriously, folks.
In the 1930s, a respected geneticist named Hermann J.. Muller forecast a bleak list of disorders that was likely to affect an irradiated population. Muller's conjectures were based on his research inducing gene mutations in fruit flies with X-rays, a standard laboratory practice with all living (and nonliving) material. He contended at that time (1932) the entire Eugenics concept was invalidated by his findings. The illness predicted by Muller is now commonplace and on the increase. Physicist Ernest Sternglass pointed out the marked intelligence deficit shown by highschool students born during the world peak in atmospheric fallout. John Gofman's scientific pride, the premise of the HDL and LDL cholesterol role in heart disease, is founded on irradiated blood serum studies though he never connected his work to fallout. Tragically, even the best establishment voices to raise the alarm about dangerous fallout exhibit near schizophrenic denial on pet points. Establishment job hazard or a side-effect of radiation they themselves were exposed to? We all know it's hard to swallow a whole enchilada.
The Japanese A-bomb Lifespan study is considered the authoritative longterm cancer study despite an ongoing barrage of criticism from medical professionals. The man responsible for it's form, Dr. Thomas Francis Jr., became something of a government favorite designer of longterm medical studies during the Cold War after handling the Salk polio vaccine trials. Francis, dean of the UMichigan school of Public Health, functioned as mentor to Jonas Salk in his undergraduate days and Salk followed Francis to UMichigan to help develop a flu vaccine for the army. Yale grad and Rockefeller Institute alumnus Francis is also credited with the Tecumseh (Michigan) studies, begun in 1957 as a revolving series of substudies with multiple objectives that continues today. An obvious flaw in the Francis Report, concerning the Salk vaccine, is the inclusion of more than 8000 vaccinated "control" subjects in the "Not Inocculated" category on the grounds that only 2 of the 3-shot series were administered. A similar shift and blend of people and categories seen in the Salk evaluation and Tecumseh series is noted to have fudged the Lifespan study. Additionally, the fallout exposures are all guesstimates, less controversially arrived at than weapons test exposures which remain unsettled, but still the product of guesswork. The real measure of radioactive fallout damage is something no government or agency would advertise, though like it's very nature, hangs invisibly between the lines and numbers recording chronic illness, mental disturbance, and cancer. The discriminatory healthcare climate underway, that implicitly blames the victim for causing his own disease (or parents and grandparents!), has everything to do with covering up the mass irradiation of the public. New radioactive technologies promise an even dimmer future, as we are a lifespan's worth of generations into the problem.                                          

Anti-radiation pharmaceuticals on the radar-- and possibly in hand--.have been an industry goal at least as far back as the 40s. Marshall Islands Pacific A-bomb test veterans posting on the internet recall accounts about "special vaccinations" given to the animal victims of Operation Crossroads in 1946, animals provided by the National Cancer Institute and NIH labs. An obsession with the "nuclear battlefield", evidenced in official army history, led commanders to violate safety protocols for Navy personnel who were sent in to the groundzero zone barely an hour after the test to collect specimens, wearing hats and cotton gloves for protection. No opportunity for biological experiments with radiation appears to have been missed over the duration of weapons testing, including perhaps the first ever explosion at the Trinity site in Alamogordo, New Mexico. A 25 foot long steel capsule called "Jumbo" that still litters the site today, is speculatively identified as a container for biological material. When Trinity was decommissioned, the military exerted alot of effort to destroy Jumbo with conventional explosives, succeeding in blowing off the end caps only but possibly erasing any clues as to it's former use. The question remains as to the deadliness of fallout due to government/industry obfuscation to cover it up, knowing that time, demographics, and innumerable health disorders would provide a long and large window of confusion for the public and the health workers unequipped to piece together a fallout cause and effect. The history of X-rays and it's research applications may be the best provider of a national gauge for the ills we face, as suggested by Hermann Muller's work.

The X-ray caught on like wildfire after it's discovery in 1895, and was applied for medical and industrial purposes preceeding even the discovery of radioactivity. Unrestrained use of X-rays by anyone able to obtain a machine led to gross abuses as it became the treatment-de-jour for everything from arthritis to bellyaches, infants to elderly. After physicist Henri Becquerel was burned by the radium he carried around in his vest pocket (1896 or 1898, happening upon "radioactivity"), the hazards of radiation exposure began to tally up. Reference the case of Thomas Edison's glassblower, Clarence M. Dally, who died a slowly agonizing death from X-ray induced sickness stemming from his hands-on work attempting to develop fluorescent lights. Dally lost both arms to amputation and finally died of cancer in 1904. A grieved and no doubt frightened Edison is said to have sworn off using X-rays, one of few to ever do so.

The American Roentgen Ray Society, founded in 1900, was firmly dominated by the AMA as of 1902, the year glassblower Dally lost his right arm to cancer. By the time his left arm was cut off, the general statistics showed that cancer accounted for 4% of all deaths. It goes without saying that cancer was likely a poorly understood phenomena lacking effective and life-extending treatment in those years, making the 1904 death statistic a presumably accurate reflection of cancer cases. Today's prediction is that 50% of Americans will have cancer in their lifetimes. Add to that, 50% of Americans with diabetes. 50% of Americans with mental illness.....empirical confirmation of the irradiated genetics researches conducted in the 20s and 30s, and the meaning of  Dr. Muller's message. Eustace Mullins, referring to the AMA in his 1988 book Murder By Injection, writes "The trail of these manipulators led me straight to the same lairs of the international conspirators whom I had exposed in previous books". Mullins contribution describes the network of bankers, industrialists, and bought-off politicians responsible for the privately owned Federal Reserve.
In the book, Spying On The Bomb by Jeffrey Richelson, the elaborate efforts by the U.S. military to track fallout as a means of detecting bomb capability is documented as a comprehensive program of aerial sampling, seismic, acoustic, photographic, and radiochemical analysis. By these methods, the U.S. pinpointed the first secret A-bomb test of the Soviets in 1949 and could tell with precision the type and quality of the "gadget". It clears up any doubts that the military had scant or unreliable information regarding the nature of fallout. Secret human experiments during the Manhatten Project years [2] filled in medical knowledge gaps about bomb chemistry, and the further possibility of both the Lifespan and Tecumseh studies providing the progressed and detailed surveillance of fallout survivors bears too real a probability to deny.

One discovery made in the search for causes of emerging diseases is that radiation induces polio [3] To make the 1955 public polio vaccine appear as statistically successful as the Francis Report claimed, polio was renamed through diagnostic criteria that produced dozens and dozens of other conditions affecting humans and animals, all of them contemporary emerging diseases. Polio investigators know that immediately after public inoculations the rates of polio soared --the result of atmospheric fallout coupled with the toxic load of vaccine? Additional threats to health from degraded industrial food, pollutants, and modern life stressors are all enabling cofactors-- enabling the radiation effects to slip silently by. In truth, radiochemicals can cut through tissue like bullets in butter, often lodging permanently in the body of their host. There they sit like embedded turret-gunners shooting charged particles into the cells around them. Given a meager but continuous low-level assault, as in the Petkau effect, the immune system may fail to mount an adequate defense, resulting in a veritable crapshoot of degenerative probabilities and inheritable genetic mutations. High on the list in occurance, and least likely to be assessed or observed by even the victims themselves, are the many behavioral and intellectual abnormalities caused from neurological brain injuries. The legacy of nuclear testing is biological and social chaos.

In 1875 Samuel Tolver Preston published "Physics of The Ether" with his theory of E=MCsquared, presaging the discovery of nuclear power and weapons which were later elucidated as science fiction by H.G. Wells prior to WWI. The rapid expansion of nuclear medicine and the ominous treatments, including possible radon additives to public water supplies [4], stack up to support the idea that nuclear weapons were the long desired object of wealthy governments and the individuals who controlled them. The monumental hoodwink that has sustained nuclear development began as a beknighted technology for saving lives, proliferating the means and know-how of radioactive technology around the world. Nuclear and radiologic advances are now so pervasive, intimate, and diffuse that no bombs need ever fall again to keep us bathed in a radioactive environment. The concept of "background radiation" is neatly used by propagandists to absorb this eventuality. Background radiation is explained as a measure of naturally occurring cosmic, solar, and earth-change emissions to confer the (illusory) sense of stability and safety to the public. In the mid-1950s under the direction of AEC chairman Adm. Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss, "Project Sunshine" was the equivalent PR campaign to assuage the general fears of fallout, likening the danger to merely taking in the sunshine.

Admiral Strauss, among his many lifetime achievements, made his career as a full partner in the Rothschild banking house of Kuhn, Loeb, and Co. In a  hiatus period from 1950 to 1953 between his promotion from an original charter member of the AEC to it's chairman, Strauss served the Rockefeller family as it's personal financier. Among his many board, faculty, and association positions, Strauss was an early member of the Joint Jewish Distribution Committee, the American Jewish Committee along with Kuhn Loeb colleagues Schiff and Warburg, a board member of the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Insitute, a board member and chair of Radiobroadcasting Corp. of America (RCA, parent of NBC), and a mysterious (unverified) medical research organization called the Maccabean Club. Eisenhower's Cold War National Security Committee meetings included the ever-present Admiral Strauss on the topic of all things nuclear. Crystallized in the person of this man is the financial and idealogical might of The Bomb. Strauss, who was said to have wished to be a physicist, never finished highschool, but his colleagues and biographers described him as a "smart and ruthless" ideaman. In "Secret History of the Atomic Bomb" Eustace Mullins calls it "the most far-reaching conspiracy of All Time". Speaking of time, an open question of concern is whether Dr. John Gofman and others, who were not experimental geneticists bent on fast-tracking mutations, designed their medical investigations with irradiated subjects because it was standard to do so or because they were telegraphing an altered reality of a morbidly radiation-contaminated future.
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